Assigning an intercom entry system to a Unit Group allows you to automatically grant or revoke access to that access point when you add or remove tenants within that Unit Group. For example, if you have two intercom systems, one for Building A and one for Building B, any tenants you add to a Unit within the Building A Unit Group will automatically be granted access to the intercom access point assigned to Building A. 

Assigning a Unit Group to an Intercom

To assign a Unit Group to an intercom:

  1. Log into the GateHawk Property Portal

  2. Click on the desired Property (if applicable)

  3. Click the Intercom Units tab at the top of the page

  4. Click on the desired intercom to which you want the Unit Group assigned 

  5. Click the Assign a Unit Group to Intercom button

  6. Use the Select a Unit Group dropdown to choose the desired Unit Group

  7. Click Save