What is a smart intercom?


A smart intercom allows residents and approved visitors to use their mobile phone as an access credential into your property. No more key making or handing out access cards!

Why should my company or community consider a smart intercom?

The three main reasons to incorporate an intercom include increased security, cost savings, and overall appeal. GateHawk intercoms allow you to securely manage access for residents and visitors, while also saving money on expensive keys and cards that ultimately need replacing. The added bonus is setting yourself apart from competitors by embracing smartphone technology.

How does the intercom work for our residents?

Once a resident is set up within the GateHawk portal using their name, phone number, and email, they will receive an invitation to download the GateHawk app and create their password for logging in. Upon logging in, they'll receive their personal pin code and QR code that can be used to gain access to the property.

What if the screen becomes damaged?

All GateHawk intercoms are modular and parts can be replaced individually without needing to replace the entire unit. This helps reduce electronic waste by continuing to use what is operational. Please contact your Authorized GateHawk Dealer for replacement details.

Who do I call if the intercom stops working?

If you encounter an issue with your intercom, you will want to reach out to your GateHawk Dealer directly. If you don't know who that is, we can help! Submit a support ticket through the GateHawk app or website. 

What if a resident doesn't have a smartphone?

If a resident doesn’t have a smartphone, they will still be able to gain property access through their unique resident access code or through a physical key card or fob (this will need to be provided by management staff). They can also receive phone calls from their guests at the front gate to their landline.

Does the intercom work without internet?

In the event that you experience internet connectivity issues at your property, you can rest assured knowing that all resident and guest codes entered into the system before the outage are stored locally on the intercom. 

NOTE: If a new resident or guest has been added to the system during the outage, those credentials will not sync until intercom connectivity has been restored. 

Most GateHawk Video Intercom products can utilize our Cellular Upgrade Kit to allow for connectivity without a hardwired internet connection. If you’d like to see if cellular connectivity is a good fit for your property, contact your Authorized GateHawk Dealer.